Cannot run Seafile Pro server 7.0.10 as non-root user


After upgrading from 6.3 to 7.0.8 the issue I had with my search not working which is related to running Seafile as root.
When I try to run as non-root user I get the message that user ‘seafile’ is not the owner of ‘seafile-data’ and I should use the user root.

I have run chown -R seafile.seafile /home/seafile/shared/seafile-data and it completes without error but does not actually change afterwards when I run ls -l

The seafile-data folder is a network drive that is NTFS, is that what is causing the problem? and if so, any thoughts on how I can change the owner of that folder from root to seafile?


man mount.ntfs
Below is a summary of the options that ntfs-3g accepts.

   uid=value and gid=value
          Set the owner and the group of files and directories. The values are numerical.  The defaults are the uid and gid of the current process.

man mount.cifs
sets the uid that will own all files or directories on the mounted filesystem when the server does not provide ownership information. It may be specified
as either a username or a numeric uid. When not specified, the default is uid 0. The mount.cifs helper must be at version 1.10 or higher to support speci‐
fying the uid in non-numeric form. See the section on FILE AND DIRECTORY OWNERSHIP AND PERMISSIONS below for more information.

Thank you! adding the uid and gid has resolved my issue.