Cannot sync - HTTP Error 444: no content


I’m struggling to get Seafile client to sync with the server. After a lot of investigation, I’ve run it through mitmproxy which shows me a response of ‘444 no content’ on the library when I try sync it.

When I try sync a library, it’ll then just say ‘connect’ below it and not create the local folder.

I have two instances of Seafile running on a Windows server, so I’m guessing there’s some sort of clash there. Both clients have completely different ports throughout the config.

There’s nothing abnormal in the logs, no errors.

Any ideas?

Could you access Seahub on the web?
Are you running any hosting manager like plesk?

Yup, all working fine on the web. I can upload/download.

I can even browse and upload/download through the client, it’s just the sync that won’t work.

The server is just a plain dedicated Windows server so nothing like Plesk or IIS on there

Edit: the first instance of Seafile is working fine, it’s just the second one that’s giving this problem.


Oops. Forgot about that one. Still an issue?
Are these 2 instances running simultaniously?

Yup, they’re both running on the same server using different ports throughout the config. It turns out the issue is that you can’t set the file transfer port in the client but you can change it on the server. So when you change the 2nd server’s port in the config, the client then won’t sync properly.

I believe the fix would be to allow users to define the file sync port in the client.


Bad to hear.
IF you havn*t done yet could you pls check: C:\Users\USERNAME\ccnet\ccnet.conf.
There you can change the below ports:
PORT = 10001

PORT = 13419

If not which ports do you mean?
80. 443? :slight_smile: