Can't access to my Seafile anymore (Debian 11)

Hello everyone, i own a Debian11 server and i installed Seafile on it 1 month ago,
Today i uploaded lot of documents on my seafile and wanted to download them back tonight, it said file was too big or something like this so i tried to get access to seafile.conf to set a higher max size.

After i found seafile.conf (which was located in /opt/seafile-data/seafile/conf/seafile.conf (weird path, struggled to find it)) and added a line to set higher max size, i restarted my debian server using reboot

and it was the last time i managed to access my library

2 Weird things:

“find / -name” return a weird path

“find / -name seafile-server*” return weird path too
and so on, 4 results, each of them in /var/lib/docker/overlay2

So i know something must be fixed, i don’t know if i’ll be able to access my seafile anymore, i want to go on a clean install but i have just one question, is this possible to recover what was in the cloud?
or is it possible to set up a new seafile which will have an access to my old library?

I’m desperate, sorry for these questions


a sudo docker-compose up -d restarted the server

i’m so dumb, found the tutorial i used to install the server and the command was in it…
Thanks anyway