Can't access webUI after install on TrueNas Scale Cobia


I have installed SeaFile on TrueNas Scale using the APP installation within TrueNas, and everything appears to have installed correctly, as the app shows as running, but I cannot access the webUI. When attempting to do so, I am presented the login screen where I enter the email address and pwd for the user account I supplied to the install. This login does not work, because I get β€œ**Forbidden (403) - **
CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.”
There appears to be some permission problems with the install fresh out of the box!
Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I should probably mention that I am a serious noob, and that any replies should NOT assume that I have prior knowledge of anything :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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I have this same issue, have you figured it out yet?

Nope. Tried everything I knew of, but no luck. Finally just gave up on the program, and found another file synch program (FreeFileSync) that works just fine for what I wanted.

I have this same issue. I’m able to access via windows client by clicking on the user id I get directly into the webbased gui. But if I enter the local address directly (http with :8080) I got this error, after the login site appeared and I enter my connection data. May be after last update?!
Seafile docker: seafileltd/seafile-mc
Version: 11.0.2 (latest)
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4B
OS: Debian (bullseye)

Any idea…?

Solution: forbidden-403-csrf-verification-failed-on-docker-11-0-1/18711