Can't add LDAP users in a Seafile Group


I don’t know why, but I can’t add LDAP users in a group if this user never connect to Seafile.
It is OK to users I create manualy, but for users in my LDAP, it is only possible if they are list in LDAP (imported). That mean that all LDAP users that never connect to Seafile can’t be add to a Seafile Group.
Is it normal? How can I force it?



First I have to say I don’t using LDAP. But did you try to upgrade server to the latests? What I remember there were some changes about user properties so may you will be able. Are you using CE or PRO?

We are on v6.1.1
Maybe I upgrade later if I can find the time
And we are using CE version.

I think it is a “bug” because, the best way to add a user in a group is to do it before he connect, otherwise he phone you to say it find nothing …

so you cant just ./ them?

I find why I can’t upgrade normaly
I have extract the tar.gz file under Windows, then I copy the extract files to seafile server!!! :scream:

Now it work after extrating tar.gz directly on seafile server.

But v6.2.4 doesn’t solve my Group problem. I always can’t add a LDAP user to a Group if this user never connect to Seafile :sob:

I think this is normal behavior. A user has to be imported into the seafile database before the account can be used for sharing. This happens with the user’s first login to seafile. I also find this to be annoying. Here at university, a faculty member who wants to share files with his/her students, has to wait until all students have logged into seafile before s/he can add them to his group.

Thanks for your answer.
So it is not a bug but a “logical” work :frowning:
It isn’t easy to explain this to the users when they ask you why they can’t see share group.

I withdrawn post concerning .sh after upgrade because solved and doesn"t concerne this init post