Cant add organizations

I’ve just setup my first Seafile Pro Server on Ubuntu following Seafile guides and manual.

I’m trying to enable Multi-Tenancy to be able to have multiple organization as we are a service provider.
So I edited /data/haiwen/conf/seafile.conf and added:
multi_tenancy = true

and in /data/haiwen/conf/ I added:

I did not enable CLOUD_MODE since this setting hides the Org tab in admin panel.

My problem is that I dont have “Organizations” in Admin panel.

Also tried to enable MULTI_INSTITUTION with the same result, nothing in admin panel.

What am I missing?


Did your restart after changing the config?

If yes, can you try to with disabled web configuration (there is an option in, see

Thank for the quick reply.
Yes I restarted both services.

I disabled web configuration with no luck.

I attached the admin page: