Can't change IP in linux client on debian

New to seafile. I made a mistake and changed the IP of the server. Now, even after purging the client, it still has the old IP and I cannot for the life of me find out where that is stored.

And while I am here: I read that the client can connect to more than one server. How would that go?

Thanks for reading.


when you open the client in the top left corner there is a picture of your avatar. Clicking on that allows you to add another account. Here, I can also change the server address for the current server - maybe that helps you.

Additionally, in my main seafile folder there is a hidden folder .seafile-data, maybe the settings are stored there. (I’m not using debian, but I assume that you should also have this hidden folder).

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot, I could swear, I had clicked on the avatar before, but obviously, I had not :slight_smile: