Can't copy file properties

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I am in the process of transferring all my files to the Seafile Drive (S:).

However, when transferring a file, I sometimes get the message that a file has properties that cannot be transferred. The file therefore losses these properties when it is transferred to seafile. Does anyone know what is lost, why this loss occurs, and if there is a way to prevent the loss?


(I use Seafile Drive Client 0.6.2 on Win 7 OS)

They’re the extended properties of the files. Usually they’re not critical for normal use of the files. Some programs may use these properties to keep special information. I know Dropbox uses extended attributes for files stored in it.

So Seafile does not sync these extended properties? Or just Seadrive not?

Extended properties are always not synced, either in sync client or drive client.

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Jonathan; do you know which kinds of properties are not transferred?

Is it for instance: the date/time of capture of an image? The GPS coordinates of an image? The author information on an Office-file? The “modification-history” of an Office-file. Or is it something far less useful to the “normal” user?

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Everything which is part of the file itself should be synced while file system attributes are not synced (those are more about permissions and stuff like that).

Hmm. When I copy an MS Office Excel file from my local drive to my Seafile S: drive, then the “modified” date, which I use for file sorting and for remembering file history, is overwritten by the date/time of file transfer to Seafile.

I can find the date/time the file was last really modified, but only when I open the file and in Excel and have Excel show its properties.

I think this constitute a lost file property. The “Date modified” column in a file explorer window is very commonly used, and this is not to show when the file was moved last time, but when its actual content was modified.

That’s a separate bug.


Yes this is an issue we should try to fix. We’ll get back later with our investigation.

Any progress on this?

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