Can't start seafile server for unsupported db type mysql

When I tried to start seafile-server with this command on my MacOS:
seaf-server -c ~/dev/conf -d ~/dev/seafile-data -D all -f -l - &

I got error info as below:
** Message: 20:52:35.983: Set debug flags 0x7e

2023-06-25 20:52:35 …/common/seaf-utils.c(232): Unsupported db type mysql.

2023-06-25 20:52:35 seafile-session.c(148): Failed to load database config.

2023-06-25 20:52:35 seaf-server.c(1320): Failed to create seafile session.
[1] + exit 1 seaf-server -c ~/dev/conf -d ~/dev/seafile-data -D all -f -l -

I’ve already created databases and config files. How can I get it start?

MacOS is not a supported OS for the server, see: Seafile Release Table

Looking in the source code: common/seaf-utils.c

    else if (strcasecmp (type, "mysql") == 0) {
        ret = mysql_db_start (session);
    else if (strcasecmp (type, "pgsql") == 0) {
        ret = pgsql_db_start (session);
    else {
        seaf_warning ("Unsupported db type %s.\n", type);
        ret = -1;

So it seems that your build is without support for mysql.

Thank you~ I have already reconfiged and recomplied. And it is working~