Can't sync large library

Hi all,

I have a non-standard setup and would love some help!!

I have a few libraries and all works well except for one.

first… let me explain my setup as I KNOW this is where the problem is and am hoping to be able to fix it!!

Basically… I have Seafile Pro 7.x (what ever is latest right now - 3 user edition at this point)… running on a VPS on Docker. As I said all working well. I have the DB etc running on local SSD storage etc… the quirk is where I put the actual file storage… for those that know docker setups


you can see I am specifically defining where the “Seafile-data” sub directory is pointing. This folder is actually a cloud mapped directory using RCLONE with local caching etc. as I said this works perfectly for all the other libraries… but on the one folder (350GB) I am timing out getting the file list.

I was able to create a empty library and then sync all the data ok… but that was obviously on the way in… I did something stupid and removed the drive (safely) but didn’t tick the “don’t unsync” box on the client… sooooo when I plugged back in… well the sync was broken… I am just trying to re-sync with the same data on both ends… but I can’t retrieve the file list as I am sure the underlying storage is timing out/too slow…

Long story short… is there a way to increase the timeout / wait for response for Seafile Server reading the storage underneath??

hope it makes sense … and some one can help!! (I have tried searching the forums…so if I have missed something I apologise!!)