Can't upload files bigger that 45G


I’m running seafile in Truenas Scale with Truecharts, and I have an wierd issue where I can’t upload a file bigger the 45G it will go through the process and upload the file, but the file never gets stored on the server. I’m using rclone to move the file from gdrive to my seafile server behing Traefik. Error I’m getting is "Recieved error: failed to upload file: Post “external seafile address/seafhttp/upload-api/string-json=1”: http2: timeout awaiting response headers. Can someone point me to what the issue could be?

After uploading a file via web interface, the server need to index the file, which will take a long time and causing timeout at the proxy.

To safely upload a large file, using sync or drive client is suggested.

Thanks for the response, how would I go about moving files from my cloud provider to seafile server, I’ve always used rclone, how would one go about it with sea drive or client?