Can't Upload Files

Hiya, so I’m quite a noob when it comes to SeaFile, it’s my first time dabbling in any stuff like this.

Anyways, I spent a good bit of tonight setting up a SeaFile server. It was my first time ever dabbling in port forwarding, Python, and the like. I’m running my server on Windows.

But when I got my address forwarded through noip, and was setting up clients on my machines, I noticed I couldn’t upload files at all. I could create files and libraries from the website, but I couldn’t upload any. I’m running the server through 8000 and 8082 as the guide I read specified.

I’ve read around a bit on some other people’s issues, but none of them sound too close to mind. I’m sorry, but I’m not very good at this. This is probably an easy issue to fix, but uh, any ideas?

Please check the settings of SERVICE_URL and FILE_SERVER_ROOT:

Oh, I’m not using Nginx or Apache, should I just leave it blank?

You can leave FILE_SERVER_ROOT blank. But the SERVICE_URL must be set correctly.

I can connect to the SERVICE_URL using other devices, I don’t exactly know what is correct for it, but I’ll have to mess with it tomorrow, thanks!


I’m having the same problem using the webinterface via nginx with SSL. I can’t either upload or download via the webfrontend while Using the seafile-app on Android or the Linux uploading and downloading works fine.

The settings were not changed after upgrade so it actually should work. Nginx waits for a reply and after a while it runs into a timeout. I even raised that timeout up to 1hour but nginx is still not seeing a reply and therefore not delivering anything.

Any hint would be highly appreciated.


I ended up getting it working by fully reinstalling the program. A bit unpractical, but worked.

So I am using the 6.0.1 server on Ubuntu 16.04 and it won’t let me set the FILE_SERVER_ROOT blank. I tried to go the Apache route which failed miserably and now I have set all the conf files back to default from their backup but I must have missed something. I am still unable to upload/download from the web.

If you using Apache 2.4 you should check your apache mods. I had the the same problem and it took me many hours to find out that I have to activate proxy_http, proxy_html and xml2enc (beside proxy_fcgi and proxy). You can check the logs for a missing “protocol handler”.

I was trying not to compound the problem so right now I am not using Apache/Nginx. I am using the app, now upgraded to 6.0.3 with the same issue.

What should I do when a file upload error? and why search files do not show up?