Can't upload or download files on LAN but can on WAN


So I just setup my SeaFile server on my Windows machine and I can upload and download files from WAN but when im connected to the same network as the server I can’t upload or download any files, the syncing still works fine tho. I can acces the web interface with no problem but when i try to download something it gives me ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

Im thinking its something to do with port 8082 but im not sure what, here is how i have it configured:
FILE_SERVER_ROOT: mydomain:8082"
mydomain is pointing at my public ip (can’t post links since im a new user i think).

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

My configuration is:

site_root = ‘/’
file_server_root = ‘https://mydomain/seafhttp

and it works. I am on Linux though.