Can't upload pictures on seafilepro ios

I can’t upload pictures from my iphone 6s to seafilepro i’ve tested on seafile-server 6.3.1 and 6.2.5 . The upload always freeze . But on a seafile-server 6.0 it’s work. Can i downgrade my seafile-server 6.3.1 to a working version like seafile-server 6.0


What is the size and amount that you try to upload?
I had the issue with an iPhone 6 client as well - but found that when I only tried to upload 5 pictures in one go, then it worked.

What is your error log on the server saying about the event?


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I just need to upload one picture (sorry for my english i’m french trainee)

THere is no problem with your Language.

That’s the problem i don’t have any error log. The upload works on android but not on iphone. Can this come ios version ?

I’ve a new error message he say “image(null)”