Can't upload with 2 URLs

I’ve to access to my seafile server with 2 URL : the local IP, because it’s on my Raspberry on my local network, and with my domain name when I’m not at home, and I don’t have a loopback on my router.
I can connect to sefile’s pages, but I can only upload files with one URL, which is defined in on “FILE_SERVER_ROOT” (so only with local IP or domain name)
I specified that I use an https access in both cases.
If someone can help me, thank you.
(I apologize if my English is not correct or difficult to understand because I’m French)


my advice is: Define your domain name in and use the domain from home too. It shouldn’t be slower than the local IP address. :slight_smile:

You can check the route to your raspberry with traceroute. (tracert in Windows CMD) You will see that there are not more entry than tracert your local IP

tracert your.local.ip.addr

I hope I helped you :slight_smile:
P.S.: sry for my English…

Thanks for the proposition, but I can’t do that, because my router don’t have loopback, so I can’t use my domain name at home, I always get a connection failure.

Defining domain name with the local ip in a hosts file or local router might work. Or you can setup a VPN in your lan network to use lan ip.

as far as I know, seafile unfortunately doesn’t support access via different URLs.

Yes, I think too, I didn’t find any solution to make it work (except with a VPN). Owncloud (and Nextcloud) is able to do that, but it’s not working fine with me (because I’ve a 64 bits Pi, but Raspbian in only 32 bits), so I’m going to use the VPN solution.
I hope that it will be possible to do that in the future… .
Thanks for your answers.

You can run a DNS cache on your pi resolving your Seafile hostname different internally.

Oh yes, It’s good for me, because I can configure my smartphone too!
Thanks for this solution!

Make sure to point your router to your RPI after setting up DNS. Some routers require two dns servers. Usually one can just enter the same IP twice. This solution has also the advantage that there are no different hostnames so one can use the server with its laptop without any issues (internally + externally.

Okay, I’ve done the manipulation on the Raspi with dnsmasq, it’s working with my laptop, but I can’t make it work on my Android smartphone (I’ve changed the two DNS on the settings of the WiFi point first DNS: raspberry’s IP second DNS:
I can’t change the DNS directly on my router, so I’ve to change my DNS settings on each device.
I don’t understand why it’s working on one device, but not working on another…

What router do you have? If it’s not possible there it is problematic because afaik it is not possible to set DNS Server per network on most devices and thus moving to another network would break DNS.

I’ve a Livebox Play form Orange (it’s a french provider), and I confim that I can’t change the DNS. I can see both of them, but I can’t change them.

But if make a WiFi hotspot on my Raspberry, (my PC is linked to the router with a cable, but I can change the DNS on it, so it’s okay) I could connect my smartphone on the raspberry’s wifi with the good DNS, so it could be ok no?

Often such an option is hidden in some submenu.
But it looks like it really got locked up for your router. Really bad behaviour by orange. Should be forbidden.