Case Conflict due to CAPITAL Letters under Mac OS

Hi everybody,
i have a very strange behaviour with some MacOS Clients. All Clients are running the newest client software and the server is running 5.1.3.

There is a folder only with capital letters inside a library. Lets name it “PROBLEM”. Then there is one client that renames this folder to “Problem” during a sync process without human interaction.
In consequence there is a huge amount of case conflicts as a consequence of this “Renaming” of the folder.

Does anybody knows this behaviour? Does this belong to Mac OS Filesystem “Extended” which could be case sensitive or not case sensitive.

Any help would be really appreciate…
Best regards


Mac OS file system is case insensitive. On the server or on Linux clients, Seafile supports case sensitive file names (PROBLEMS and Problems can co-exist in the same folder). When syncing these case conflicted files/folders into Mac or Windows, the client tries to rename one of them to a name suffixed with “case conflict”.

However the current implementation is unstable in some cases, that would cause a lot of case conflict files being generated. We’ll change the behavior soon in the next release.

BTW, I’m interested in knowing which application automatically changes the folder name?

Issue was fixed after a seafile server update and the deactivation of the firewall on the mac clients.