Ccnet.exein newer versions of seafile client for windows

I just read that ccnet.exe was removed from the client a while ago.
After updating the client on a regular basis - it seems that the ccnet.exe is running happily beside the other two seafile progs under windows.

How can I get rid of the ccnet.exe without provoking any client problems?

i think you understood that wrong. As far as i know ccnet is now included in the linux client and doesn’t have to be installed extra in linux. On WIndows nothing should have changed…

I doubt that. In the old installs a ccnet.exe could be found in windows. In the latest client there was no ccnet.exe anywhere.

Nope, the ccnet parts have all been completely replaced (mostly by directly using libsearpc).
As far as I understood, ccnet was only used for an older transport mode that has been deprecated for some time in favor of HTTP connections.

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I confirm: The sync clients newer version operate without the ccnet component (since version 6.2 to be exact). The ccnet.exe is NOT required for syncing - neither when run with the seafile-applet (the “normal” GUI mode) nor as a Windows service.