CE 6.1.1 create Excel file and download you get file.xlsx.xls file

Does else have this problem?

How to reproduce

  1. log in seafile
  2. create new Excel file from menu (New-> New Excel File)
  3. click download button and open file in Excel and you get error below

This only happening with Excel files, Word and Powerpoint work ok.

Which browser is being used?

Thanks, you are right, problem is Firefox (54.0).

Maybe its some addon problem because I have same problem on desktop and laptop.
Edge and chrome open files correctly.

It could also be a mime type issue.



Firefox shows file type is Excel 97-2003 which meas file extension .xls but file file is .xlsx (newer one)

I have te same trouble with Internet Explorer 11 with Seafile server 633
My test.xlsx file download are rename in test.xls !!