CE 6.3.4 - create library failed

When I try to sync a subfolder in specific Library that is shared with me on a CE 6.3.4 (Ubuntu 16.04) Server, then I get the error message: Create Library failed!

It’s comparable to this issue:

Downloading the entire parent Library would work.

Syncing Subfolders in some other Libraries that I own or that are shared with me, works. So it’s not a global error.

Should I run Garbage collection or something like this?

Most likely its a bug in the permission check.

I still have this issue.

I am not sure how I can solve this.

Did anyone else have this issue as well?

make sure or redo the permissions for your Seafile directory.
It has be owned by the user running Seafile.
on Linux like
chown seafileuser -r /seafile

Hi Weehe

Do you know out of experience that this has something to do with the problem?
It sounds rather disconnected to me, but I might be wrong.

That’s what shoeper meant - wrong permissions within the Seafile directory

which is a very common error you can find all over the forums.

I am not using the sub-folder syncing that often and always come around it every now and then as you can see by the way how I react to this topic :wink:

So here are some further findings.

Hi Weehee
Thanks again for your tip from back then.
I don’t think though that shoeper meant that this error is connected to the file permissions in the seafile directory. I think he meant a a permission check within Seafile client / Server.

Also I checked and the entire seafile data / storage directory is owned by my “seafileuser”.
So the chown solution seems not applicable for my issue.

So I did some other stuff:

I did an fsck on the library that I can not sync, which did not give an error.

./seaf-fsck.sh 6789sdrg-d534-40b8-8e9b-bhgfjkdelnhjk

Starting seaf-fsck, please wait ...

[02/06/19 10:20:51] fsck.c(593): Running fsck for repo 6789sdrg-d534-40b8-8e9b-bhgfjkdelnhjk.
[02/06/19 10:20:51] fsck.c(413): Checking file system integrity of repo P099(4473f86e)...
[02/06/19 10:47:55] fsck.c(657): Fsck finished for repo 6789sdrg.

seaf-fsck run done


So no issues from FSCK side.

It looks like a permission bug to me, But I don’t know where it comes from and how to solve it…

Ok, this seems to be a bug and this is what I can replicate:

Following structure

User1 owns “Library1” with the 2 Folders “Folder1” and “Folder2”.
Each Folder contain a subfolder.

      -> Folder1
          -> Subfolder1
      -> Folder 2
          -> Subfolder2

User1 shares Folder1 to User2.

User2 can now not sync “Subfolder1”. User2 can only sync “Folder1”.
When User2 tries to sync “Subfolder1” then the error message is: Create Library failed!

Can anyone else replicate this. I would then file an issue on github,

Greetings, Chris

Bothered by this same issue. Can this be fixed soon?