Change Hostnme of established seafile server


I need to change the host name of an establish seafile server 6.1, it is easy enough to change the host me of the Linux box, but where else do I need to make these changes within seafile config?



you need to make sure that the dns name that points to the server is matching the seafile service URLs and the domain names within the nginx/apache config. Also be aware of the ssl certificates.


Thanks Garfield

I certainly know how to configure the nginex side, it was just the actual seafile config files that need editing I am unsure of.

Is it just a case of search and replace for the old url in the conf directory?

Have a look in the manual

  • ccnet.conf -> service_url
  • -> file_server_root
  • when you use collabora with docker or OnlyOffice you need to change their configuration, too
    I think that’s all, but to be sure you can search for your domain name string

Thank you very much Garfield