Change Max Preview Size on Windows?

Hiya, so I’ll just get to the point with this one, I run my Seafile Server on Windows, and what I want to do is preview videos larger than 30MB through Seafile, I found an old tutorial online that said to change “FILE_PREVIEW_MAX_SIZE = 30 * 1024 * 1024” in the config file, but I can’t find that anywhere in my config files. Trying to put it in ccnet.conf with an edited size didn’t crash the server, but didn’t have any effect.

you should put the setting in the file,

BTW, there is no size limit for preview video/audio files online since Seafile 6.0.2(or above) version.

Yup, that fixed it! Thanks!
Also, out of curiosity, what’s different in 6.0.2 vs 5.1.3?

for differences between different version, you can see the change log