Change Password Reset Url?


I just setup a seafile-ce server (8.0.5) using docker.
This server has the simple usecase to sync some bigger binary files (Images) for another Database Server/Client Combination.

I also setup LDAP Authentication (which works great), the CE Version is a bit limited here and i cant map additional attributes (Like Username, Fullname etc) but for this specific usecase this doesnt really matter, im just glad that the users dont have to remember another password.

Anyway because im using LDAP for all users is set the following Options:


As this is all handled manually by me or the ldap server anyway.

Last thing missing would be to change the “Password forgotten” LINK on the Login Page.
Is this possible somehow to set your own url? Then i would like to forward users to our internal ldap account management page.
Removing this Link completely would also be fine.

I couldnt find a option do do this? Maybe its possible with templating?
I just want to get rid of anything that wont be functional anyway.


And just thought about a solution 10 minutes later which works great…

Add the following to the nginx config:

  location /accounts/password/reset/ {
        return 301;

Hope this helps others :slight_smile: