Change Seafile-Data location in Windows

Hello everyone,
I want to change the location of my seafile-data folder to my networkshare folder on my NAS. Symbolic links are not working on networkshared folders and i cant finde any solution in the manual or in the internet to change the path in a config.

Im using Windows Server 2016 and Seafile 6.0.7.

I would only do that if you are using iSCSI or NFS. Everything else will kill the performance of Seafile and may destroy the data all together as the connection might not be save and/or stable.

Otherwise you can just change the path in the seafile data directory in .../ccnet/seafile.ini .

Hay, thank you for your answer :smiley:

Im using NFS and i want to give it a try.
The problem is i have no seafile.ini and i can not find any example…

Not as so much help but I did run seafile on windows and it was a pain in the a** so I did put ubuntu in a hyper-v machine and I did install seafile on that.

Now everything works much better, just got one issue to sort out but everything working etc.
So my advice, try the hyper-v solution.

P.s have you checked in the box in windows so you can see hidden & system files?
If not, that’s maybe the issue.

Many thanks for the hint about the use of NFS share under Windows to seperate Seafile storage location from Seafile system host. I really like this kind of speration in my infrastructure. I’m currently running this configuration and I’m curious if it runs stable and reliable.

Sorry, I was a bit to fast, SeaFile not starting up in this configuration. SQLite DB is locked …
Also played around with symbolic linking just the the data folder via NFS to local computer (sqlite db still hosted in local drive), Seafile was starting, but creating a Library fails, so not working this way.
Next I tried to symbolic linking just the data folder via SMB, SeaFile was starting, creating a Library was fine, but uploading files fails then. No solution so far seperating data and application host for Seafile on Windows systems. And ideas?