Change the Email-Address for Notifications

Hey Guys,

I’m getting quite exited about Seafile right now and have setup Email via my hoster, like this:
EMAIL_HOST = ‘’ # smpt server
EMAIL_HOST_USER = ‘’ # username and domain
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = ‘password’ # password

The Mail-Adress of the Mailbox I’m using is yet not my most desired and I hope I can change it somehow.
I thought if I’m authenticated I can send with any Adress I like. I assume the DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL or SERVER_EMAIL maybe does the trick but I dont want to just try arround. Both official and community Manual don’t say anything about this. I also searched the forum and didn’t find anything.

Thanks alot

So you want to spoof Emails?
Except if you have your own domain and are only sending using these addresses.

The community manual has a section regarding email settings but not yet regarding spoofing.

Do you know how e-mail sending and validation works technically between servers?

I own a couple of domains. the domain I have an active mailbox (and what im using to send mails) is a bit ugly and I would rather like to use a alias of one of my other domains. but there I have MX-Record to outside SMTP Servers for my primary Mails.
As I will need to setup some other Email notifications (e.g. Raid Degraded, Fail2Ban or things like that) I’m thinking about making the Server beeing able to send mails generally like you have explained in the CE Manual but for this there I thought there might be a short and easy solution like:


I can wait and live with the ugly adresse for a while :slight_smile: