Changing files via "cloud file browser" does not work after upgrading to 8.0.3


the seafile client works flawlessly for synchronised libraries (on Manjaro, Client version 7.0.10). I wanted to upload a file using the cloud file browser which didn’t work - the same happened when I downloaded a single file and changed it locally - the changed file should then automatically be uploaded.

This didn’t work, the error in the applet.log is:
request failed for status code 400

and a matching line in the apache access.log

I noticed that the d6… is not a library id, I’m not sure whether it’s supposed to be one or not. The file upload used to work through the cloud file browser and it works fine using the web interface.

The server is running on an ARM machine on Ubuntu 20.04.

Is there anything I can do or is this a bug?
Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

This could be a know bug. I’ll be fixed in 8.0.4 version. You can try later. Can you upload the file on web browser successfully?

Yes, I can upload it using the web browser. Thanks for the reply, I don’t mind waiting for 8.0.4 :slight_smile: