Changing Seafile Root on Windows Server

Hi all,

Currently I have Seafile sat on port 8087 on a Windows Server 2016 and I have to access it via “” but what I’d like to be able to do is access it via “”.
I setup a reverse proxy and URL rewrite but as seafile doesn’t use a common root it doesn’t work :frowning:

I’ve looked through the documentation and I can’t seem to find anything covering this.

Anyone got any ideas?

You can setup nginx To do what you want.
I have written a guide regarding it

Just skip the installation part as it’s for Ubuntu but the configuration is the same.

Just download the install file for nginx to windows and install it the follow the configuration part from my guide.

First off thanks Calby - I plan to use NGINX in the future but for now as I have a lot of stuff using ARR and URL Rewrite in Server 2016 I wanted to try and get Seafile to work with my setup.

Luckily I’ve sussed it!
I basically followed the guide here:
But I had to make some small changes to get it to play ball with Windows (mainly ensuring the links to media and the CSS cache were publicly accessible)

All is working lovely now.