'Chunk' uploads through the web interface to stay under the 100MB Cloudflare restriction

Hi there,

After scratching my head for quite a few hours yesterday as to why larger file uploads werent working through the web interface (playing about the nginx and seafile confs), i finally found the right set of search keywords and discovered my issue was not seafile, but due to cloudflare having 100MB upload limits.

It would be a nice feature to have chunk upload type system to work around this limit. My web searching indicated some people had success using scripts like resumable.js. The users of a chunk system seem to indicate that it provides further reliability with large uploads via browser too.

It would be preferable to stay behind cloudflare for security, obscured ips, and ability to lock down access to the server, but i guess if this is not on the Seafile Radar/Roadmap there are alternate options we can take to further harden the servers and drop cloudflare.


Afaik the professional edition supports it when resumable uploads are enabled.

But why host a private file sharing server when sharing all the data with Cloudflare.

Wow thanks for replying, this has saved me quite a bit of headache - I just couldnt piece together the right search term to get this answer! I’ve just tested a 134mb file and it was successful.

For anyone else who reads this, you need to add to seahub_settings.py the following:


As per the manual here:

Interesting point you’ve raised - I guess its a bit of a trade off isn’t it. Our company is currently on google drive, so moving away to Seafile is an improvement.

Using cloudflare gives us the additional security of geoblocking, hide our ips, and lock down the traffic.