Clarification on Set Sync Interval

Hi, Just wanted some clarification on the Windows Client setting for ‘Set Sync interval’, it states that this is for help when changes are not reliably detected on a windows share. My question is does this setting explicitly change the sync schedule so that if you set it for say 3600s (1hr), and you make a change to a file every 9 minutes, that after 61m has elapsed, the only change committed to the server was the change at 54m.

This is the way I read it, however just wanted to check that it is not as such an additional helper, whereby it uploads changes after 1hr irregardless of whether the other changes were committed at 9m intervals. Therefore acting as a fail-safe for poor change detection on shares.

The reason I ask is that I am actively trying to reduce the commit changes on certain folders that have rapidly changing log file.

Any ideas?