Clear instructions what to be done during installation of Seadrive under macOS Ventura

Hi, When I try to install Seadrive under macOS Ventura, I get a message after starting Seadrive (see screenshot - in German) which says (translated into English) “You must manually add the SeaDrive kernel extension to the system settings. Click OK to open System Preferences. After that, please restart SeaDrive.”

Well … I looked around at the system settings but I found nothing which looked like where I can do that.

Is there any ‘a little bit more detailed’ instruction what to be done?

I don’t use mac myself, so I’m not sure this will work. But I hope it does:

On the download page of seadrive, below the download of the application, there is a link to a document:

To me this sounds like it’s exactly what you need.

Thank you squirrel for your note!
I found that as well and tried to follow these instructions. It is a support page from Apple and it is not specific to Seadrive.
I tried to do this – what they describe – but at least for me it stays unclear what should be different afterwards - when these steps described by the Apple page were successful.
But anyway … this is only the first step. As I understand it, afterwards the Kernel extension has to be activated anyway, but here I don’t know how (what to do, where exactly to do, how this should look like before/after, …).
Thanks. m

I would try the 3.0 version if I were you. It’s going to be the path forward and doesn’t require any reduction of systems boot levels - as it it’s a different, current pattern. There’s a thread, notifying folks there’s a beta version. The first install was slightly confusing, but that’s due to the steps enabling the drive connection in finder. There discussion on it - and it’s not difficult at all once you know all you it has to be done for it to actually work . It’s just a small ‘enable’ button from within your finder window; right side IIRC.
Post here if u need more help, but I imagine it’s easy peezy.


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