[CLIENT 5.1.4] file locking notification

it would be awesome if we had an Option to disable the “File is Locked” messages from Seafile. With about 80 Users i get this message extremely often and is really annoying.

bye Andre

Could you give us a screenshot?

Thanks. What does it mean in English? “File is locked by other applications”?

I would say:

File /path/…/file.doc could not be synchronized. The file is used by someone else.

It means like a other user has opened it or something like this. Not a other application.

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The second part is not quite right. It says: The file is Locked on the Server from another User (on Windows 7 you can see the whole message)

this behaviour is also on mac

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Ah ok, yeah i just thought this because you can not see the whole message on Win 10.

any news about this? Do we get a option/fix?

We’ll add an option in the next release.

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Hi @Andre While I’m working on this, I wonder how do you get this message very often. This message should only be raised when a locked file is changed locally. Since the client usually make the file read-only after it’s locked on the server, it should not be modified.

It is not only me who has this behaviour. Everyone, including two Mac Clients have exactly the same. For most users its not that annoying because they only have two or three libraries. But our MAC user who has ~110 Libraries getting the same amount of masseges as me (Windows 10 Pro).

Maybe antivirus software who scans the files? but … not in that amount … strange

Are the files opened or edited when the notifications pops up?

I have reproduced this behavior. It happens whenever a locked file is updated by the locker and then the update is synced other computers. It’s a bug. Will be fixed soon.

Ok, glad to hear because one of our customers complained about that problem too.