Client 7.0.9 - Sync client unexpected behaviour

Since a few days I noticed a lot of error message in my client seafile log (OSX 7.0.9):

[09/22/20 23:36:21] ../common/block-backend-fs.c(72): [block bend] failed to open block 7ea4e229b54a9b71241941cf111adc8f396a3ea6 for read: No such file or directory
[09/22/20 23:36:21] ../common/fs-mgr.c(129): Failed to open block 7ea4e229b54a9b71241941cf111adc8f396a3ea6
[09/22/20 23:36:21] repo-mgr.c(4612): Failed to checkout file /Volumes/Stock/Recup/Work/DreamT/Projets acceptés/RELEASE/etude_mecanique/hydrodynamique/PSAT/simulation/moving_mesh_2D/parametres_ale_2d.txt.

The sync of that big library (170 GB) don’t work from server to desktop: all the files shown on the logs are missing in the desktop copy of the library.


  1. Nothing in seafile.log on the server
  2. seaf-fsck ok on this lib
    3 sync from Desktop to Server Ok
    4 seaf-fsck --export give the full data
    5 I ve made many tries, each time a lot of files missing on Desktop copy, but different ones

Any idea will be welcomed …

And on the server I can find the block for this repo …

[root@oceanfiles 7e]# ls -l a4e229b54a9b71241941cf111adc8f396a3ea6
-rw------- 1 haiwen haiwen 95 22 sept. 22:17 a4e229b54a9b71241941cf111adc8f396a3ea6
[root@oceanfiles 7e]#
[root@oceanfiles 7e]# pwd
[root@oceanfiles 7e]#

I downgraded the client in 7.0.2 and everything working again … is there a problem using client 7.0.9 with CE server 7.1.4 ?

Thanks for a reply … I’ve many clients to downgrade …

This is a bug introduced in 7.0.9 version. It’ll be fixed in 7.0.10. It only happens randomly when there are duplicated files in the library.

No luck for us … thanks for the notification, we’ll wait for 7.0.10.