Client continually consumes more ram

I’m using the seafile-gui client (version 7.0.2-2~1548~ubuntu18.04.1) on Ubuntu 18.04 and during a transfer of a large number of files, I noticed that it’s continually using more ram as it transfers. It’s increasing by about 10 MB per minute. I was excited when I first started using the sync client because it wasn’t taking up a lot of resources on my computer, but after a few hours it has consumed a LOT of ram. Just to do a little math here, 10 MB/min = 600 MB/hour = 14.4 GB/day of ram the Seafile client is going to want to use if it’s uploading that long continuously. I think that kind of thing is a problem.

Looking at the list of processes sorted by ram usage, the process at the top, with an enormous lead over all other processes, is “seafile-applet”.