Client does not sync on MacOS

I am using Seafile on MacOS and autosync does not work. I add/modify/remove files and syncing doesn’t start automatically. The client even says “2 days ago” as the last sync date.

I’m using Mojave and APFS if that matters. Any idea?

Can you provide some background like which version of Mojave you are running? What server platform and version? Does the problem only occur on your Mac or is it a problem for all?

I just built a Seafile CE server (Ubuntu) and tested it with four Mac clients, two of which were running 10.14.4, and they all worked fine.

Often when I see a problem like no syncing it is a server configuration error (or omission) or a network issue. Is your server fully functional in every other respect?

Thanks for the response.

I am using the latest Mojave, and Seafile 6.2.9 (client) and Seafile Pro 6.3.13 (Docker/Linux).

Everything works fine other than syncing. Web interface, etc. I have no issue at all. As I said, it looks like the client doesn’t pick up changes. Is there a way for me to debug this and see when exactly the client picks up changes?


Can other clients sync to the server?

Is there a reason you are not using the current version of the Mac client software?


I thought it was the latest version? (according to the client itself: I thought it was the latest version? (according to the client itself) – I’ll try upgrading from the website itself.

Both my Macs have the same issue. Is there a way to monitor exactly when changes are detected and what happens? ie: debug/verbose log files?

So two Macs, both non-syncing, and no other clients?

No issues with file uploads or downloads via web interface, right?

Any difference connecting or syncing via LAN vs WAN connection?

When you configure the client software do you use an IP address or a domain name? Does the server use a domain name and/or SSL?

We are getting perilously close to having to inspect configuration files, I suspect. Can you post samples from ccnet.conf, seafile.conf and

By the way, is Seafile runnig behind Nginx or Apache? We might need to look at configuration files for the proxy as well.

Yes, there are server logs that you should look at to see if the clients are havnig issues connecting to or communicating with the server. The logs folder is at the root level of your server installation directory.


Another question regarding background on your installation: When you installed the server what did you follow for the installation procedure? Did you use the Seafile Manual, the Community Manual or some other resource on the web as a guideline? -Thanks

I did as advised and upgraded to the latest Mac client. Things seem to be much better. I will continue monitoring and update this thread if things start not working again.

Thanks a lot!

Well that’s certainly good news! I suppose you’ll also be adding to the votes for the fix to the client software updater. I think that’s been out-of-whack for a couple years now. Best keep an eye on the Downloads page for a little while longer.