Client doesn't start on Mojave 10.14

Hey there,

I just installed Seafile Client on my Macbook Air running 10.14 and I have the same issue that is described in this old thread: Client not working anymore in OSX .
The client will let me choose my Seafile folder, but then crashes. The processes seem to run, but I can’t access the GUI. I tried to uninstall the client several times (including deleting Seafile and .ccnet folder).
Does anyone have the same issues? Thanks in advance.

Edit: I found a solution, it’s provided here: SeaFile Client opening and immediately closing on MacOS Sierra

Do you mean you had to do a clean install of the client?

I suppose the client will need to be upgraded for Mojave’s Dark Mode too. Isn’t that the case? Does it still run if you enable Dark Mode?

Yes, I did a complete re-install (multiple times). I’m not so sure what the error was tbh.

When I enable Dark Mode, the client does start but the status icon stays dark (should be light in dark mode).

Also experiencing client crashes on macOS 10.14

If the client crashes, there should be crash trace back in “”. They’re in “User Report” section. Can you post the report?

The interesting thing is in my case, the app launches and displays something for a micro-second, but there is no tray icon or Main Window that opens. However, Seafile is running in Activity Monitor.
Even with it running in Activity Monitor, I can confirm no syncing is taking place.

I’m not following on how to get you the logs needed.

Is seafile-applet running in Activity Monitor?

To open, just type it in Spotlight search. You may follow this tutorial: