Client issues with syncing and removing account

I have seafile client 6x install on a machine that already houses all of my folders and connecting to a new server I have to rebuild.

Most folders are starting to sync and upload to the server fine, but 2 folders say they are synced and have the green check mark although there are no files on the server under the library. It does create the library fine, just nothing under it.

Is it possible this is just how seafile is uploading the files? Maybe it is uploading other libraries first and then will come back to this one and upload?

Another question, I started syncing this with another computer and would like to turn it off there, how do I remove the account from the computer without deleting files? It asks to remove libraries I think?

After a few hours of syncing the folders started downloading files. Must just be the way and order Seafile syncs. So thats settled…

Please just let me know how to remove the account from the other seafile client without removing any files

I think I’m OK here too, so if I delete the client account it will just no longer sync. Nothing will be deleted, please confirm thats right. Thats what it sounds like, found this: