Client Library details show size of 0b


For a few uploaded libraries, library detail show size 0 bytes , also Seahub library info shows size of 0 bytes too.

Libraries have data and can be synced, client completes the sync, shows a green cloud, there is no data loss, but the library details still show size of 0 bytes.

I have done fsck with repair and resynced but the issue persists.

Is there anyway around this issue?


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Which file backend do you use? S3, Ceph, File system?

I use S3 as a backend.


What’s your Seafile server version?

Seafile Server 7.0.3

Sorry for my late reply, sometimes we have this problem if the storage is not fast enough. Does it still show 0b?

Can you try to add a new file to that library as see if that helps? Do you see anything in the server logs regarding this problem? (seafile repo size compute queue size is XX)?

Thanks for the answer, when I uploaded a file via seahub right sizes started to show for the libraries.

Thanks again.

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