Client sync error with 9.0.2 pro and encrypted library

I have a problem with version 9.0.2 Pro.
After the upgrade or even on a fresh installation, I still encounter the same error of synchronization of the encrypted libraries:

[12/27/21 19:03:21] Failed to get remote head a2f21c54-afeb-49aa-ac85-e7d7ac0d364f of repo 0d86ebc2.
[12/27/21 19:03:21] Transfer repo ‘a2f21c54’: (‘normal’, ‘data’) → (‘error’, ‘finished’)
[12/27/21 19:03:21] Repo ‘S1-Famille@Gykroipa’ sync state transition from downloading to ‘error’: ‘Failed to write data on the client. Please check disk space or folder permissions’.

(My disk space or folder permissions are ok).

Thanks for your help

To clarify, the clients are in 8.0.5 and the encrypted libraries are in version 4.