Clients bog down server only from university network

My home client (Ubuntu16.04, client 6.1) synchronizes without problems with my server (which is in a third location).

From my university connection, however, the same type client, while it does sync, is 1. much slower than expected (~60kB/s), and 2. completely bogs down my server’s internet, like if it keeps talking to it incessantly. Same for a Mac client. This not only affects the server, but other computers on the server’s location, but only as long as the university client is connected.

I couldn’t find anything suspicious in the client log or the server log. The Client sticks to saying (Downloading files …0%) but the file list is growing slowly, so the sync works.

Client is set to using System proxy (Changing to ‘no proxy’ doesnt change anything). I can access the server via browser without problems.

Please find below a log from the (uni) client. No messages on the server’s seafile.log or seahub.log from that time.
I had recently upgraded to 6.0.7 server (pi version on a cubie)

Could it be that I have to set a Uni proxy? or are certain Ports closed?
But then why is it (slowly) syncing anyways? And why is the Internet server-side getting basically unusable?
It would be nice if seafile could switch in such a case to a different strategy (ports/ repeated messages sent to server?)

I’m pretty sure it used to work fine before, on some previous version of seafile, from the same location, but maybe I just had it be really slow the whole time; not 100% sure.

No Ideas? I checked proxy settings in Seafile are (system proxy) and changed system proxy to ‘automatic’, but it’s still the same. The clients here completely hog up communication channels with the server while being very slow at the same time, while the ‘home’ client doesn’t.


it may sound obvious, but have you checked that there is some space left on the device on which die library is synced? I would check the owner, group and the file system rights next. A virus scanner can also block or slow down the synchronization. At which speed can you download the files that are so slowly synced?

And if we are allowed to know: What is the name of your university?

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thanks for the hints. Download speed is the same (and the slowing down of the server-connection) is the same for manual download from the web-interface. And reactivity improves when I drastically limit the client download speed (to e.g. 50kb/s). Maybe it’s just a combination of my sucky server-upload throughput and some large files that are syncing from my uni client (I created the library from home, so the large files didn’t have to download there). I will check later by doing the same manual download from home and see if the serverside internet gets bogged down as well.

Is your server at home (with consumer internet connection)?

Yes (in another ‘home’, not where my ‘home client’ is), I think that is the main suspect for the problem now. In that case, the manual download from my home client should also be slow. I’ll confirm later.

In case your clients downloads from university your upload speed of the home connection is important. At least in germany this is often very slow. Continous data transmissions to also slower other connections on the home network because they get less or no bandwidth.

Run a speedtest on or another similiar site and I can tell you what rates you can expect.

Yes, that’ll be it. I’m on ‘Alice Fun Max’, which translates to O2 M I think.

nethogs on the server shows me 60-150 Kb/sec Sent, 2000-5000 Kb/sec Received whith the seafile client connected.
No traffic with seafile disconnected, so no other service is having a part in this.
Seafile client says the same, about 100kb/s (0-200) Download, 0 upload.
speeedtest-cli command line utility on the server gives me: 10 Mbit/s Down; .76Mbit/s Up
( 10 Mbit/s Down; 0.00 - 0.47 Mbit/s Up with Seafile client connected and downloading with no DL limit)
( 10.63 Mbit/s Down; 0.38Mbit/s Up with Seafile client connected and downloading with at 50kb/s DL and UL limit)

I guess the speed loss is due to the fact that the speedtest is done locally in germany, but the clients are in japan(?). I get not so bad values to servers in japan (with much higher ping though):
Hosted by rxy (individual) (Osaka) [9255.60 km]: 367.858 ms
Testing download speed…
Download: 6.51 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 0.71 Mbit/s
Hosted by rxy (individual) (Osaka) [9255.60 km]: 322.103 ms
Testing download speed…
Download: 6.38 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 0.46 Mbit/s

Hosted by SoftEther Corporation (Tsukuba) [9354.33 km]: 2887.079 ms
Testing download speed…
Download: 1.28 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 0.67 Mbit/s
Hosted by SoftEther Corporation (Tsukuba) [9354.33 km]: 2816.646 ms
Testing download speed…
Download: 1.27 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 0.74 Mbit/s

I don’t get why there’s such high server download connection when there is no Upload to the server though.

So the manual download speed from my home client, and corresponding serverside traffic load is similar. Appears to simply be an issue with the slow serverside upload connection (and maybe long routes due to crossing continents); thanks for the help though.

When you access the server from outside the upload speed is the download speed.

So your observations exactly reflect what you’ve measured. Nothing is wrong - the upload is just slow.