Clone/copy library to another user account

I would like to copy/clone a library to another user without changing the source library. The library is 2 TB in size, so doing a normal copy would take presumably long.

Is there an easy way for this?

I do very much appreciate any help.

It’s not posible. You can share library but I think it’s not what you want. So best solution is export library on server over seafile-fsck or maybe faster can be FUSE. Then install client(terminal version?) and let it sync to new library.

Hm it will produce alot of traffic. Thought there is an easier way.

I think not. Cause you have to copy file content blocks and files meta to new repository, so it have to write 2TB on disk. It will make traffic(on disk) in every ways. My solution not using network connection so all traffic is on HDD and CPU(how fast can seafile daemon index the files).

It is possible using the API.


But he want to COPY whole library to another user. This just change library owner.

Oh, sorry. Read wrong.

Best coming to my mind would be copying it via Seahub by selecting everything in the root but it’s unlikely to work well with 2 TiB.