CLOSED - Seadrive on OSX - Spotlight indexing


Is there any possibility to make OSx spotlight index the Seadrive share?

When seadrive is connected then it won’t show up under
ls -la /volumes

Is there maybe another way how to achieve that?

Or is this just the current status and spotlight indexing will come later?

Greetings, Chris

Maybe this one?

Thanks for that.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

I think that spotlight does not use “remote locations”. But it can be tricked / forced to do so:

But the Seadrive seems to be not a network drive but something different.

The error message when trying to add Seadrive to the privacy field in OSX is this:

Is the Seadrive Folder in Windows being indexed by the Windows search?

We investigated a bit before. It seems quite hard to add SeaDrive to the indexed locations list of OSX. Even if you can add it, it’s unclear how to avoid indexing the file contents.

It doesn’t look so. It also would have a major problem: Indexing would require downloading everything on the drive over and over again.

From my point of view the only solution to search it is using Seahub (pro only).

Edit: There could also be so much data on the server that even the index would be larger than the local disk.

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Got it.

Indexing between different OS and use cases is in general always a complicated part, I guess.

Cheers anyways :wink:


Searching for file names in SeaDrive works now in OSX Client Version 0.9.4.
Indexing itself does not work, but still this is a big step forward.

Thanks a lot to the Seafile Team for implementing this!

It makes it so much better :wink: