[Closed] Seafile Pro does not synchronize files

Dear all,

Is there any support for the seafile pro app in IOS? I tried to upload a file, and Seafile accepts it but does not synchronize it. It tells me “waiting for synchronization” after it has obviously accepted the file. For me, it is absolutely not clear what is happening on the device, but I cannot see it any log message on my server. In the seahub log there is an entry:

django.request:224 log_response Not Found: /wp-admin/style.php

I am using the golang server with seafile server 9.0.10 community. But I would also expect an error message on Seafile Pro.

Hello, can you try the c fileserver with seafile server? There may be an issue with go fileserver that causes the mobile terminal to fail to upload.

Are you sure this isn’t a red herring? wp_admin.php looks to me like something’s confused… Or me :). Something wants WordPress…

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You are right. It may just be some kind of an attack which is not related. But finally, I cannot find any entry on the log that may be related to the upload.

Sorry but this did not work. I doubt that uploading files works at all with an IPhone. I also don’t know how to further analyze it but losing a function that has worked in the past is a bad thing! I always tend to go to the latest version. I also think that clients should be compatible with any server version unless there is an update available.

This did not work.

Hello, are you using the latest version of the ios client and can you see any errors in the nginx log?

Sure, I always use the latest version. The POST request does not fail on NGINX but the file is missing. I tried to figure out whether there is any related SEAFILE log but I don’t know the structure. There are some 400 issues for a GET command on different files. That’s all. The POST looks like this:

[20/Mar/2023:20:45:16 +0000] “POST /api2/repos/2a81e33c-9a7c-459e-be09-de9cf496d40f/upload-blks-link/?p=/Krimskrams HTTP/1.1” 200 578 “-” “SeafShare/1 CFNetwork/1404.0.5 Darwin/22.3.0” 0.012

[20/Mar/2023:20:45:22 +0000] “POST /api2/repos/2a81e33c-9a7c-459e-be09-de9cf496d40f/upload-blks-link/?p=/Krimskrams HTTP/1.1” 200 314 “-” “SeafShare/1 CFNetwork/1404.0.5 Darwin/22.3.0” 0.016

Hello, maybe you can check the logs in seafhttp.access.log. When syncing a file from mobile, you can check this log for failed requests.

Unfortunately, there is currently no support for the Seafile Pro app on iOS devices. The error message you have seen is most likely related to a file type issue. Typically, the Seafile Pro app only supports certain types of files, such as documents and images, and may not be compatible with other types of files. You may want to check the type of file you are trying to upload and make sure that it is supported by the app.

I tried with several types, e.g. with fotos which the app can handle (it has an automatic upload). I also switched off the live function to get a fixed image. The POST request is processed on the nginx proxy of the server with 200 OK, so I guess it has reached the endpoint but no file was saved.

Sorry guys. It was actually a bad configuration. I did not consider because everything else worked fine:

I am using SEAFILE with an internal and external reverse proxy. The external proxy adds HTTPS. But the service URL in the config was using HTTP. So, my mistake since all URLs must be HTTPS which is actually used. In the NGINX proxy manager setup, I am also forcing HTTPS.

Still not clear why the config has worked for other clients…