Cloud mode / sharing to external users

Hi, I’m exploring “Cloud Mode”, especially I’m interesting in sharing (r+w) files or folders to users that are not registered.

You should enable cloud mode if you use Seafile with an unknown user base. It disables the organization tab in Seahub’s website to ensure that users can’t access the user list. Cloud mode provides some nice features like sharing content with unregistered users and sending invitations to them.

I have set CLOUD_MODE = True in and restarted everything, but I don’t see any change. When I enter an email to share a folder with, it only says “User abc not found”.

What am I missing?

You don’t need cloud mode for that. It always works.

You can only share with Seafile users that way. To share with external users create a share link and send it to them using your E-Mail client, or any other communication channel.

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I know that, but there is only the option read-only or write-only, not read+write.

What is cloud mode doing then? Is it even still implemented in 6.3.4?

Cloud mode mainly disables the organization link. I don’t think it offers what you’re searching for.

So basically

  1. the description of cloud mode is wrong
  2. it’s not possible to share documents or folders read+write with anonymous users?

That’s a bit of bad news since we were hoping to replace our current use of Google Docs with Seafile + OnlyOffice DocumentServer.

According to the changelog that has been added in 6.3.4 pro.

I think 6.3.5 if I read it correctly. Which explains perfectly why the option isn’t there on my 6.3.4 server. Thanks.

Ok, actually it it is 6.3.6. In 6.3.5 it has been added for authenticated users.


I still have the same problem with the current version: Professional Edition 7.0.13.

I set CLOUD_MODE = True in and am still not able to share (r+w) files or folders to users that are not registered.

Did somebody get this to work?