CloudComputing-Insider Award 2019: Vote for Seafile

Dear Seafile Community,

every year, CloudComputing-Insider, a German online IT media outlet dedicated to all things cloud, puts various cloud solutions to their reader’s vote.

Seafile has now been nominated as an additional finalist in the category “File Sharing and Collaboration” of the grafik!

This nomination is the result of a large number of votes for Seafile despite Seafile not officially being on the ballot. (You could only vote for Seafile by choosing the awkward “other solution”.) What a great result!

Now, we are on fire! We want more! Please support Seafile! Casting vour vote in favor of Seafile does not take longer than 5 Minutes. This way to the poll: Discover Typeform, where forms = fun (By the way, there is also something in it for you: By voting, you automatically enter the raffle. Three participants win a Surface Go 64GB S each!)

The voting form is available in German only, so voilà a step-by-step “voting guide” for those that haven’t had the pleasure to learn this difficult language:
1.) Open the form and scroll down to the category “File Sharing & Collaboration” and select Seafile (see below)

2.) Scroll down (or vote in other categories if you like to) and complete gender, name, surname and email address. (Hint: gender: “Frau” = female and “Herr” = male; “Vorname” = first name and “Nachname” = surname)

3.) Continue scrolling down and accept the terms and conditions which merely states that you are taking part in a free reader’s choice award. You complete this step by clicking “Ich akzeptiere” (= I accept).

4.) The next step is the newsletter registration: if you want to subscribe to this German newsletter, choose “Ja”. Otherwise click “Nein”. (We will inform separately about our result.)

5.) The final step is your ok to their privacy statement. Please klick the box “Ich bin mit der Verarbeitung und Nutzung meiner Daten … einverstanden.” This is required by the GDPR. It goes without saying that CloudComputing-Insider is subject to the strict norms of the GDPR.

6.) Actually, this is the final step: Hit grafik

Thanks for your support!

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