Collabora hyperlink integration with Seafile


I’m using Seafile Community server and Collabora (via the CODE docker image). It works pretty well, but I would like to make the hyperlink functionality of an office document working.

For instance, I have a folder with a spreadsheet and an image. In this spreadsheet I have a hyperlink with a relative path to the image. It works on the desktop (when I click on it, it opens the image) but not online with Collabora.

I imagine it’s not only a Seafile issue, but it seems that Collabora only need a way to translate the hyperlink path to a valide Seafile one. So is there something to do in order to make this happen ?

If it’s not possible out of the box, does someone have a clue about where to start ? I’ve already edited the Seafile server code to add some functionalities, so maybe it’s just something simple to do with the WOPI protocol.

Any help is welcome !