Collabora integration not working

Hi there

I have installed seafile 6.0.7 some day ago, the professioal version, in the moment the 3 user free version.
Now I have also added the collabora integration. Collabora code runs on docker container and is integrated following this tutorial:

the docker mapping was done by:
docker run -t -d -p 9980:9980 -e “” -e “username=admin” -e “password=admin” --restart always --cap-add MKNOD collabora/code

Unfortunately it does not open any document when clicking on it in seafile. collabora in the container works, i can open for example without problems

No errors in seahub.log, but there are some in seafevents.log
When clicking on a .doc or .odt document i get following error:

[2017-01-26 00:43:05,676] [DEBUG] start to fetch task <type: doc, id: b88ab96740ef53249b9d21fb3fa28050842266ba>
[2017-01-26 00:43:05,688] [DEBUG] start to convert task <type: doc, id: b88ab96740ef53249b9d21fb3fa28050842266ba>
[2017-01-26 00:43:05,766] [WARNING] error when invoking libreoffice: unoconv: Cannot find a suitable office installation on your system.
ERROR: Please locate your office installation and send your feedback to:

[2017-01-26 00:43:05,766] [WARNING] failed to convert <type: doc, id: b88ab96740ef53249b9d21fb3fa28050842266ba> to pdf
[2017-01-26 00:43:05,767] [DEBUG] removing temporary document /tmp/tmp3pIf1y.doc

When clicking on a ods document no error message, the collabora editor opens but it says no connection to the document.

Is there still some problem in the integration between seafile and collabora? Or what I am missing?

Thank you


Have you added the settings metioned in to AND restart Seafile ?

Hi Lian
Yes, sure I followed the howto line by line… not clear for me where is the error.
Thank you

Hi @daniel.pan

Just a question about a productive environment.
Is it recommended to integrate collabora in a productive environment?
As mentioned above I have some troubles and now I am not sure if this would be the right aproach.
Do you support this integration with professional support?

I need a solution until onlyoffice is ready with WOPI interface and in the moment I am not sure how to continue in the meantime…

Please let me know
Thank you very much


Hi guys

Need urgent help in this topic. My question is: Is it working or not? and if yes how?
I saw that is also not working on your demo installation

I have always error. No connection to the document.

Please advice!

Thanky you



I’m afraid it can’t work as expected in the current version. We have a plan to test and add OnlyOffice as an alternative to Office Online Server and Collabora Online.

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Hi Daniel

Ok, thank you for the information… your plans with onlyoffice are good news!
Do you a timeline for this enhancement? So i will wait with office integration until is ready onlyoffice with seafile.

Thank you


So far as I can say is that we will begin look into OnlyOffice in March.

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Hi Daniel
Are there any news about OnlyOffice integration?
Thanks for update

It will be included in version 6.1.

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Great, thank you!