Community Manual - Looking for people to help (maintain)



Thx, I wasn’t aware of this. Point for you.

Don’t get me wrong but somehow I hear similar sentences when people want to nudge me joining Facebook, Dropbox, WhatsApp… (“But everybody else is using it!”).

I’m confident that we will find someone in the Seafile community providing a server.

…except in terms of features the specific code platform builts “on top” of git to,_extend,_and_extinguish (at first everyone wants to use GitHub, later everyone has to use GitHub - similar to the shit we have with M$ Exchange servers and its proprietary collaboration “features”: very “nice” to work with Thunderbird in an Exchange environment).
You are right that the GitLab reference server doesn’t solve this problem but GitHub does not as well. That’s why my advice is to think about choosing a system that grants the maximum of freedom on long term (so a FLOSS one with federation). Just found: ->

Yes, this would be an idealistic decision (like setting up a Seafile server is overall an idealistic decision).


For RMS alsmost everything out there is not FLOSS (he even wouldn’t use this term, just tolerates it :wink: ). Though I prefer the term “free software” over “open source” I use it for everything that respects the 4 freedoms (to use, to share, to understand, to modify). I know that not all software providing these freedoms is free software in perspective of the FSF (like Debian).


Hey all,
I looked out for an dropbox alternative (privacy reasons) a couple of months ago and found seafile. I compared it with others and liked it. I created a test VM and began with the setup. As I got Nginx with SSL running a decided to create a productive private cloud based on seafile.

so far what I can say is:

  • the manuals give a good baseline for setting up stuff. you have to turn on your brain a little bit your self though.

  • the forum is a very good support to the partly outdated stages of the manuals. big thanks to all that helped me out so far.

so generally reading this topic I thought if people are really interessted to start with seafile the manual and the additional support here is good. Beside all those things not going well with seafile, the community seems to be a big bonus and the devs can appreciate the help of a lot of you guys here.

For me as a starter and just digged in a little bit, I more and more understand how complex this is. but for me its okay, I see it as a hobby and thats why the amount of time i invested, is okay. I don’t want to discuss if dropbox is better than seafile but I want to tell you guys that the support here is very good and there are so many different configurations and paths you can go. It starts with the OS, there are so many different Distro’s each for it self would require a seperate manual. Then there are so many Apps required, that get outdated, forked and what not. Its hard to structure everything and keep it updated.

I’m also thinking about putting more of documented knowledge into here but its hard enough to get things running, check if they are sophisticed and the to go back into the forum/manual and write everything down is a lot of work. Im not sure yet if I want to do that.

One more point: derDanilo asked for people to help him and the discussion has gone quite off the topic. I dont think it makes sense to debat about what Git Type is the best or if seafile has a good marketing.
The main question is who has time, knowlegde and wants to spend and share that into the CE Manual.


…for some of us the question is also which tools and platforms one would have to use for spending time and knowledge. I think it is very essential to speak about this (and thank you @DerDanilo that you just suggested something instead of confrontating us/me with something which was already decided by you).
I would even say the only reason communities use Seafile CE instead of something proprietary is because there are users who say “no, the standard everyone else is using is not okay in my opinion, because…”. In this perspective I think it is a very bad idea if the standard answer for choosing a code platform is “GitHub”.


I fully agree on this and also don’t think the debate helps us anything here, but I wanted to argue against some points I’ve seen repeatedly that I don’t agree with.

I doesn’t help us anything wasting hours of time to setup and maintain a community manual, which doesn’t have very much content.

And although I honestly don’t like of the idea of a community manual very much, I have to say Danilo didn’t propose one, but started creating one (doing is better than suggesting in such a case). This is a big difference in my opinion.

I also think the whole github no github discussion came with ms buying github, although it makes absolutely NO difference.

But I’m out of the discussion at this point. It won’t lead us to anything and also won’t push along the community manual.


Well, it made the difference that people started (again?) to think about if an important platform in the hand of a powerful commercial global company is a good idea. Discussions about who controls the infrastructure of the (digital) society are very important. Without such discussion we wouldn’t even have projects like Seafile CE.


after my post and leaving the pc for a while I thought the same…

Just to get me picked up:
What is the community manual exactly?
is it a bunch of scripts or is it structured text for others to read?
What Topics do you want to cover? I think I haven’t yet understood whats the main goal.

For me a manual is a either a Guide (step by step) or a some kind of Knowledge-base (search and find stuff I need)


I actually don’t have time right now but since people are discussing totally off topic and asking the same questions over and over again I need to provide the links (again).

Seafile community manual for Seafile CE

Git Repo

Actual Page

When I have time I’ll write up information about the community manual and the post might even be pinned to the forum top so people can pick up on important information. All in time which I currently don’t have. :slight_smile:


Danilo, you seem quite stressed out maybe you should take a vacation and get your mind a bit off seafile for a couple of days.
Nevertheless I went through the manual and would like to share my impression:

  1. Big Thumbs up for all the work put into it. Its much more than a seafile Manual, it covers Networking, Hardening, Backup and alot of details supporting the actual task, like checking open ports etc. I already found alot of things I want to try out.

  2. I didn’t find it during my research so all these Information seems to be hidden (maybe cause it has been alot of work and has a certain worth (I understand that) but when people join Seafile (like me) they go to the main website, download the installer and look for tutorials. In my case it was the official manual. I think its in the nature of us to follow the most trustworthy we find and that was (in my case) the official manual. therefor I Identify two issues with the CE Manual:

  • trust (who set it up, is it good, secure etc, - Now that I know you guys its a bit different, but starting seafile the trust to the CE Manual might not be there…)
  • publicitiy (do I find it when I search google for “Seafile Install”, Seafile Setup", “Seafile Nginx”) no
  1. By the amount of information in the CE manual and the time and effort spend into I really understand how important it is to you. And that you get a bit pissed off here and there. It’s your baby and you want to keep it up-to-date and maintain it . But as you see even the DEV don’t find time to do this properly, as all us rather want to to fun stuff in our spare time… (like motorcycle riding, playing games, watch movies, having sex)
    But your knowlegde is in your head and that is priceless and you have build that up over a long time and no one can take it away. Its a big challange to put all your head into a PC … and be proud of what has already been done.

Not sure what to recommend and dont wont to give more statements. For me this was a busy year and I’m looking forward to a couple of days on vacation. I would like to help but as you guys i’m very busy, and im still not finished my personal installation yet.

Maybe its a good idea to just let things cool down a bit, grasp some other topics and new ideas and mindsets will follow.



SeaFile is in the Repositories of PureOS and Trisquel. But I prefer Arch or Debian.


Sorry, somehow I’ve overlooked your post.

I don’t know how Richard Stallman thinks about half floss/half proprietrary projects like Seafile or GitLab but I think you are right that he wouldn’t support such development philosophies. But to quote myself:

GitLab would be okay for me, better a Git hosting software which supports federation but I don’t know if such alternatives are already out there

So again: GitLab was just an example for something that allows us to maintain the infrastructure we use in our hands (like Seafile CE).