Compatibility of Client 7.x

I’m running server Server 7.0.5 and client 7.0.1 (on Windows 7 PC). I would like to upgrade Server to the latest version that works with a Windows 7 client (7.x as I understand it). Is Server 7.x the most recent software that I can use with a Windows 7 compatible client?

To my knowledge, you can use the 7.x client with the newest server. Except for encrypted libraries. Here you have to set an older encryption method. Described in their manual in the Library options section. Specifically “ENCRYPTED_LIBRARY_VERSION”

Thanks for your reply. Do you think simply selecting the library, as mentioned in the manual, is all that’s required?

as far as i know you can also use the Seafile client 7.X with Seafile 9 server.
you can just test it with a docker container