Compilation ARM64 - DONE



Finally, I fixed it -
there is a link to old version of evhtp package (v1.1.6)
Compiled and install it.
Now my ARM64 self-built package is fully working.


sudo pip install moviepy
sudo pip install django-appconf
sudo pip install qrcode
sudo pip install django-formtools
sudo pip install captcha
sudo pip install django-webpack-loader
sudo pip install django-tagging
sudo pip install django-simple-captcha

make sure to install above Python packages

if pip point to pip3, then use pip2 to install above packages


Share my binary package:
(for Ubuntu 18.04LTS only, gcc7 compiler, GLIBC_VER2.5)

install ldap development package :
sudo apt install libldap2-dev
my build includes ldap feature
(for Ubuntu 16.04LTS )


Verify what is missing or why seafile or seahub not started.

logs/controller.log and seafile.log can tell the reason why seafile does not start properly.
./ start-fastcgi
shows what is wrong or missing for seahub

Once everything is good and ready.
./ start
./ start
Per official document, start-fastcgi is obsoleted, but good for debugging purpose.

Create D service script file for seafile and seahub, and put them into /etc/systemd/system
sudo systemctl start seafile
sudo systemctl start seahub