Complete uninstall of Seadrive from Windows 10

Hi, Seafile folks!

Is there any way to completely wipe Seadrive out from Windows 10? The normal uninstall does not do the job.

“seafile_root” folder is still there and the pins in the explorer. The seafile_root folder doesn’t let easily be just thrown in the bin, because error messages about permissions pop up although everything is done as admin.

no one really has an answer?

When uninstalling SeaDrive, choose to remove account information. That should remove the pins in explorer.

Do you mean like I have to log out before the uninstall? Or do you mean there should be an option/checkbox that says like “remove account information” during the uninstall process?

Should I be logged in for that to work or it does not matter?

You don’t have to log out before uninstallation. There will be a dialog during uninstallation to ask you about “remove account information”.