Configure server address for seadrive clients


I’d like to know if there’s a way to create a conf file in seadrive, to pre-configure the url of my seafile server for the seadrive client ?

I want to deploy some seadrive clients on several machine and want to put my server url, so that the clients juste have to launch Seadrive and enter their credentials.

I’ve already saw that a file /home/user/.config/SeaDrive/Seafile Drive Client.conf exists, but when I put my seafile’s server address, I still have to enter this address in seadrive.

I want something like this when clients open seadrive for the first time :


That information is pulled from the Windows registry. You could try exporting the keys to a file, write a batch file to enter the keys into the other machines and then try installing Seafile.

I don’t know if it will work or not. The only other option I know of would be editing the SeaDrive code to hard code the info and then building it yourself.

It is closed source, so that doesn’t work.

Did not know that. I’ve just seen the code on github along with a script. So, I figured it was possible.